JFK Music in the Parks

On Saturday May 12th, the JFK Wind Ensemble and Choral Ensemble are taking a trip to the Music in the Parks contest and then going to Six Flags Great America for the rest of the day as an “end of the year” treat.  While the event is a traditionally scored and ranked competition, the main point of the day is for our students to perform, have a great time, and to be rewarded for a year of hard work and musical progress!

The cost of the trip is $60.00/student and includes the cost of transportation, adjudicators for the contest, and one park admission ticket (students will need money for meals/games/souvenirs).  For students/families that would prefer it, you may also bring a sack lunch and there will be a group trip to the bus for lunch (students eating in the park do not need to exit during this time).  For those who have season passes or will be performing but not going to the park, the cost of the performance is $26.50/student.  Parents and family members may also attend the performance and trip to Six Flags at the cost of $34.00/person (this is a great discount from their regular rates).  Music in the Parks does not charge an audience admission fee to see performances.

(Festival + Six Flags Ticket, $60/ea.)
Includes free festival admission + park ticket ($34/ea.)
Use if you own a season pass or if you need to pick your child up immediately after the performance. ($26.50/ea.)